Friday, February 25, 2011

My Panty Fetish

I, like quite a few men (and women) out there have a panty fetish.  I love pictures of women in their panties, I love the idea of my cock being stroked by a nice soft pair of satin undies and I love the idea of cumming all over a pair of dirty panties.  Luckily I have a wife that is not only OK with my fetish but also helps feed it.  She provides me with a standard diet of worn, fragrant panties for me to sniff and explode all over.  She has recently told me that the thought of someone else (some stranger) getting a hold of a pair of her panties and using them to sniff, stroke themselves and cum into drives her absolutely crazy.  Just the thought of this makes her climax almost immediately.  I've never posted anything before and I am very curious to find out if anyone else is as lucky as I am to not only have a wife that will put up with a panty fetish but also enjoy it as much as I do? 

1 comment:

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